Blog / June 24, 2004

Denis makes Potato Soup!!!

If you are thinking it’s a slow news day, your wrong, this is a big thing!! With a secret recipe sent to me by my mother, I made the biggest pot of potato soup ever. Thanks to my sister Anne for letting me use her house for a while – what she doesn’t know is that I made a huge mess in the kitchen (I think there is some onion stuck to the ceiling), but I got it all cleaned up before she got home!
It was so good… I felt better instantly. Mom, you should be writing that cookbook!

P.S. I reckon I infected half of the shoppers in Coles while I coughed and spluttered my way around the shop looking for the ingredients.

Blog / June 22, 2004

I'm Sick!

I’ve been feeling pretty bad for the last few days – the doctor here says it’s Tonsilitis. Can’t eat… D’oh!

Travel / June 01, 2004

Hello Everybody!

Hello Everybody!
I finished working for Budget Rent a Car last Monday, in the meantime I have been searching for a car and another job. Unfortunately, I haven’t had any luck with either! Well, today is the first day of winter – twenty degrees and clear blue sky… it’s tough being me. Jokes aside, I must have adjusted to the heat over the summer here, because I am constantly freezing now! Given that it is so cold here, nobody goes to the beach any more, no more Barbies and no sitting around playing cards outside. It’s getting boring!!! I’ve managed to read through half of the Hitch Hiker’s guide to the Galaxy Trilogy in the last few days.
Running the risk of overdosing on a great book, I decided to get out of the hostel and down to the Internet Cafe. So here I am, listening to some really bad music on 2fm over the net (it’s the rubbish they play in the middle of the night at home when they know nobody but me is listening – I mean who likes Phil Collins???).

Travel / May 29, 2004


As most of you know, I’ve been in Australia since last December. Since I’m really bad at staying in touch with everyone (and I have nothing to do at the moment), I have decided to put up a few stories and photos of the Antics of my friends and myself while in Australia.

As I will be traveling around, it will be difficult for me to update the site regularly – but while I’m still in Manly I’ll try to get all of my stories and pictures up! This is a work in progress, so be patient! There are loads of broken links – I’ll have them all working soon enough! If there is anything any of you would like to see urgently, just drop me a mail…