After Lake Argyle we headed to Kununurra – we bought loads of fruit and veg here (you aren’t allowed to carry veg into Western Australia for Quarantine reasons). Dave & Mike decided that they wanted to do the Ivanhoe river crossing outside Kununurra. I sat beside the river and watched. I couldn’t believe it, they stalled twice – right in the middle of the river. I was kind of nervous, but not as bad as the boys who thought I was going to kill them. Luckily after a lot of sweating they got the car started and brought it back in one piece. It looks like the Pajero could be allergic to water!!!

We made it to Purnululu National Park (home of the Bungle Bungles) after two hours of driving of driving over some rough stuff and a few creek crossings – Heart and Car stopping!
We stayed in the Echinda Chasm Campsite, which I can honestly say is Shite!! $9 for absolutely no facilities and a hole to crap in! We all slept under the stars, I was on the roof of the Pajero. Wow, all I can say is that I have never seen so many stars in my life before. They are completely different to home and when you are in such a remote area, you don’t have any light pollution. I don’t know what time I fell asleep, I just passed out after an hour of staring at the stars – Frayed nerves forgotten (I was feeling a little worse for wear after the drive in). I also discovered that out of the ten of us – at least five snore!!! All you could hear were insects and us snoring!

The following day, we walked Echinda Chasm. It was, as usual, amazing – you walk along at the botom of two cliffs about three feet apart from each other. Later in the day we made our way to Cathedral Gorge – also spectacular.

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The two boys attempting the Ivanhoe crossing

A curious spectator I nearly knocked down

The Bungle Bungles – Cathedral Gorge

Mike, Dave & I doing another Tony pose in Cathedral Gorge