In Katherine we did a big shop-up. We got ten days worth of supplies, a fuel can, a Shovel, an Axe and a Tarpaulin.

Tony left us in Katherine – he is off to go Diving on the west coast. Fair play to him for putting up with us for this long!!!

We left Katherine via Tindal RAAF Airbase for an open day. It was pretty small, but we saw a few fighter planes (FA 18, FA 111 and a US F18 ) and two Hercules transport planes. We also got to Handle a Steyr (with Grenade Launcher and Laser Sight), a Minimi (with a huge battery powered sight) and a Mark III Glock. The Glock was interesting – it had a plastic Stock and Barrel case – light weight for use by fighter pilots. The weight is important so the gun doesn’t break the pilots ribs during high G maneuvers!

After the open day, we made our way to the awful Big Horse Creek Campsite to meet up with Marcus and Co. From here we would travel, almost in convoy through the Kimberley.

Our first stop in convoy was Lake Argyle – a beautiful place, but not a lot to do there!