From Darwin, we took a short trip to Kakadu National Park. On our first day we saw some Aboriginal rock paintings. That night, we camped about 10 Kms away from Jim Jim Falls. We left the campsite the following morning, heading for Jim Jim and Twin Falls. The road (or lack thereof) went from unsealed to non existant – pretty exciting stuff. We got about 4 Kms down the track to Jim Jim Falls when we got bogged down in some soft sand. The boys pushed the car out, we tried again, got bogged down again. This time we were stuck! A nice couple from Perth stopped and pulled us out with their Landcriuser. They gave us a few tips and advice – with that we were sorted! We were able to carry on.

We went to Jim Jim Falls, which was amazing. We decided not to go to Twin falls as it involved a pretty big river crossing & we felt we weren’t prepared enough (and we were getting low on fuel). So we headed to Maguk, another waterfall. This was a good call. After a bit of a trek we got to the top of the waterfall – there we found a few rock pools that the river flows through before it goes over the falls. Time for a swim! There was a few nice jumps – one was into a deep rock pool that you have to dive into, go through an opening under water and then swim out to a bigger pool. There were a few 4 and 7 metre high jumps – where you couldn’t touch the bottom even if you tried (and we did)! The water was a good 20 degrees – absolutely amazing.

From Kakadu we headed to Katherine to get ready for the trip into the Kimberley!