After catching the sunrise at Uluru, we legged it to Kings Canyon on our way back to Alice Springs. We were only going to stop to do a short walk, but luckily we decided to do a 6Km walk around the Canyon rim. It was so amazing that I managed to take about 140 photos!

After a late arrival in Alice, we checked into Annie’s Place, a nice hostel. It was a nice change from the cold camping of the previous nights. I managed to pick up a second spare wheel for the Pajero from an odd guy in a scrap yard. He seemed harmless enough, but some of his stories were very disturbing.

After our day off in Alice, we were back on the road again – destination Darwin. The drive was pretty uneventful (which is good). We stayed in a place called Daly Waters. Daly Waters could be best described as an oasis in the desert. Basically it is a pub with a campsite attached. For a place that is out in the middle of nowhere (about half way between Alice and Darwin), it was busy – very busy. They had everything you need after a long day in the car:- Music, a Pool table & cold beer… like I said, an oasis in the desert. Daly Waters is also home to Australia’s most remote traffic light – which is permanently stuck on red! I couldn’t believe my luck, I was stuck at a red light for ten minutes in the middle of nowhere!

The remainder of the drive to Darwin was also uneventful – no complaints here though.