On the way to Perth, we stopped in to see the Pinnacles. The pinnacles are, well… thousands of rock pinnacles standing proud of the desert floor. Walking around them, you get the feeling you might as well be walking on the moon. They were pretty spectacular. Unfortunately there was a lot of cloud cover, so there was no sunset to speak of… it just got cold and dark!

Anyway, we travelled on to Perth to meet with Tony and the guys we travelled through the Kimberley with – to have a goodbye bash of sorts. We checked into Governor Robinson’s hostel just outside the city center. The hostel is beautiful – so clean, you feel like you are walking through someone’s home. It made us all feel a little uneasy – like we didn’t belong there.

We all went out for the night (Tony, Marcus, Sebastian, Carla, Lucinda, Evert, Juliane, Irene, Angie, Calvin, Mike, Dave & myself) – we were having a great night until Mike, who went back to the hostel early, rang me! He found that someone had broken into Calvin’s car. We ran back to the hostel and called the police. Calvin was, understandably, very upset – all of his holiday snaps were gone. The thief probably thought his photo CDs were Music CDs. So we went looking around to see if the thief had dropped Calvin’s stuff anywhere. Turns out the stupid man was pissed out of his skull and he fell asleep (with all of Calvin’s stuff) in the garden of the house next door to the hostel. We took photos, called the cops and they took him away. Luckily we
thought it was a good idea not to wake him, because it turns out that he was carrying a knife!!

After getting an hours sleep, we checked out of the hostel to go to one with more secure parking. When I drove into the driveway of the new hostel, I was greeted by Marcus, who asked me if I had seen his Landcruiser… not even two hours after Calvin’s car was burgled, Marcus’ Landcruiser was stolen. Poor Marcus seemed to handle it pretty well. We went looking for the car, but couldn’t find it. Amazingly, Chris and Andy were at work, when they found themselves driving behind the car in traffic. They followed the thief for a while but unfortunately lost him. Luckily they had called the Police, who decided to hang around the neighborhood for a while – and found it!! Unfortunately, the thief had already taken a fridge and a load of Cd’s out of the car.

So Perth was yet another adventure, but everything turned out well in the end. I think we all became very paranoid as a result of the events and that pretty much ruined Perth for me. Shame, because it is a really nice city.