After Karajini, we spent a night in the mining town of Tom Price. From there, we headed straight to Exmouth. Exmouth is pretty much at the top of the Cape Range peninsula & it marks the north end of Ningaloo Reef (roughly).

Exmouth itself is a nice place, we stayed in Winstons Backpackers. As we drove into the hostel car park, Dave noticed that Calvin (a German guy we met in Cairns) was sitting on the porch outside his room – small world!!

After buying some snorkeling gear, we headed for the beach. We went snorkeling at Turquoise bay and the Oyster stacks. I saw Octopus, Squid (big ones), Turtles, Sharks and loads of fish – it was incredible. I decided I would get one of those cheap waterproof disposable cameras. So armed with my camera, I went off looking for Sharks – I spent ages looking, but I didn’t find any. I decided to give up for the day and was swimming back to the beach when this big reef shark came up from behind me and passed across in front of me just inches from my head. I tried to get the camera out and wind it on, but it was too late – the shark was gone… Bugger.

Luckily I have bumped into loads of sharks since and I think I have a few good photos! I don’t know why, but they will circle you a few times in the water – as if trying to get a better look at you. It made for a few good photo opportunities.

Parents, don’t worry – Reef Sharks are pretty small and there are so many fish on the reef that they are well fed. They generally don’t attack people unless provoked.

After Exmouth, we made the short hop to Coral Bay. This is a really nice, relaxed place. The Coral seems to be dead close to the beach – but if you head out far enough, you can see some huge colourful Coral formations.
When I was snorkeling yesterday, I came across a Stone Fish close to the beach – that was enough to scare me out of the water for a while. I didn’t think they were around this area at all!

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A video ofMike trying to scare some fish – good job he does too! (No Sound)

Turquoise Bay 1

Turquoise Bay 2

The lighthouse in Exmouth.