Chariots of Fire
Photography / January 25, 2013

Chariots of Fire

Taken on Garretstown beach last October. These guys were doing a warm up run before starting their surf lessons at Gtown surf school. I couldn’t help but think of Chariots of Fire!

Tiny Feet
Photography / September 21, 2012

Tiny Feet

On July 3rd of this year (2012) at 22.26, everything changed. Síofra had a baby girl, weighing 8lbs, 13Oz. Neasa is a little over two months old now, Síofra and I still can’t believe how lucky we are to have a beautiful, healthy girl who loves her sleep!

Thank you to everyone for your messages, cards, gifts and visits.

Ready to pop
Photography / September 19, 2012

Ready to pop

Sí had been in the Maternity for a spell before Neasa was born. We wanted to get a few bump shots, but weren’t allowed to leave the hospital grounds. We still managed to get a few! 🙂

One man and his Guitar
Photography / March 01, 2012

One man and his Guitar

Following on from an earlier post, Here are a few more shots from my shoot with Barry in Adare a few weeks ago. There are only so many photos I can take of one man and his guitar, so you might find these a little repetitive by the time you get to the end. I’m always looking for feedback, so do let me know which ones are your favourite/least favourite and why!

Having just left Ireland, Barry has recently started blogging about life in Holland – be sure to check it out:

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (8)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (7)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (1)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (4)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (5)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (6)

  Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (10)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (13)

Barry Fitzgerald Shoot © Denis Hogan 2010 (19)

Photography / February 28, 2012


Donal welding – one from a set I did for a website a few weeks back.

50@50 – 5: The Musical Weatherman
Photography/Project 50 / February 24, 2012

50@50 – 5: The Musical Weatherman

This chap can only be described as a character. I’ve known him for a long time now. He recently got in touch and asked me if I would mind taking a few shots for him playing his guitar “for a laugh, like”. For something that was only supposed to be for a laugh, I have to say there was a lot of undirected (natural) shaping going on!! 🙂 Although I do reckon he’d make a great model – if only for his ability to follow direction (oh, and his rugged good looks).

It was a miserable bloody day – stormy is the only way to describe it. We ended up spending a few hours out in the rain around Adare getting the shots, I have to say, it was nothing short of hilarious. I’ll be posting a few non-50mm photos from this set over the next few weeks.

Alas, I won’t see the lad for a while now as he is moving abroad. Fitz, best of luck with your new career working as a Musical Weatherman on Dutch national TV!! 😛

Photography / August 25, 2011


This is Ela, one of my two beautiful nieces. The girls live over in London, so I don’t get to see them very often. I was looking through some photos from earlier this Summer when I came across this – a very happy Ela who got covered in sand while playing on Garretstown beach near Ballinspittle, Co. Cork. I’ve posted a few photos of Azra before, but I think this is Ela’s first time featuring here.

Girls, I’m hope to see you both very soon (and your folks of course)! 🙂

Photography / February 28, 2011


Another one from the archives. I found this shot of my god son, Max, while looking for another photo yesterday. I thought he was looking particularly cool with his hat and curls.

Soapbox Racer
Photography / November 19, 2010

Soapbox Racer

A tetraptych of shots taken at the OUTSTANDING soapbox race at the Pumpkin Festival in Virginia, Co. Cavan.

This particular entry was made out of two wheelie bins – making a fine Massey 165. Maximum attack is the only way to describe this drivers approach. He stayed off the brakes all the way down to the straight, getting big air off the jump. Unaware of the recent departure of one of his rear wheels on landing, the driver demonstrated incredible commitment – opting to look down the road as he poured on the opposite lock, deperately trying to wrestle his machine back in line. This guy was determined to make it home. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, the wreck came to a standstill in front of us. After being helped from the Massey by the marshals, the driver walked down the course smiling for the cheering crowd, carrying his only souvenir of the event, the rogue rear wheel. Theres always next year.

Seriously, we were really impressed by the engineering, bodging, creativity, driving skills, commitment and general lunacy of all the teams involved. Well done to all.

We’ll be back again next year – with a racer of our own. I think we’ve found something new to do in the Motorsport off-season next year. 😉

Click here for full size Image.

Little Adventure
Photography / November 05, 2010

Little Adventure

A little lad wanders into the shadows cast by the evening sun. This is the last of the series from Ballybunion for the moment – it’s time for a change!

2010 Circuit of Munster
Photography / June 08, 2010

2010 Circuit of Munster

After making a major breakthrough with work over the weekend (which earned me a well deserved break), I decided to get out to see a bit of the action at the Circuit of Munster – run by Limerick Motor Club.

I’m fortunate enough to live close to some of the stages, so after a short lie in, I made my way to a tight hairpin on SS2.

Photography Bit:
The weather was generally good, but massive clouds were racing across the sky – which made shooting an absolute PITA.  Fantastic Sun one minute, relative darkness the next – so you’ll notice the exposures below vary massively. I also got to grips with  my Circular Polarizer… not so easy to use on moving objects though.  You get rid of a certain amount of reflections, but because the cars are moving and they all have different lines for the bends, you get will get reflections in different places every time.

The Photos:
As usual, click to enlarge.

My token B&W shot for the day – Shadows of the spectators in the early morning Sun.

Kevin Barrett corrects a little too early as he attempts to exit the hairpin. He very nearly clipped the ditch on the exit, but got away without doing any damage at all.

Local man, Paul Purtill only knows one way – flat out. Drivers side mirror alreay knocked flat into the body – after a brush with a hedge no doubt.

John Danaher in his beautifully prepared S14 powered Compact. John was kind enough to let my dad and I have a good look at the car last year. Something else! Nice to see him going well.

Pat Price returning to the hairpin after he overshot.

Mike O’Connor sideways in his MKII.

No. 136 after missing the hairpin.

Marshals, Media and Spectators enjoy Sean Kennedy’s sideways antics in his AE86 Corolla. I’m not a Twin Cam fan, but there were two out in the Munster this year – both were flying and really entertaining to watch.

Benny Kennedy must have a great sense of humour with a bumper sticker like that on his Civic (click the image to enlarge).

After SS2, the weather looked to be improving and I really couldn’t face going back to work, so I decided to make my way over to Knocklong and on down to SS6. I found a great spot thanks to the Marshals! Nice.

Derek McGarrity on SS6.

A local kid watches McGarrity exit the junction.

I hope Liam Higgins’ sponsors “EasyFix” can sort out that rear wing for him.

Another local man, Ed Synan carrying some speed through the corner.

Yet another local man and regular Hillclimb competitor, Peter Cummins  in his beautiful Darrian T90. Nice to see Peter in action – normally I’m worrying about him on the time sheets. 😉 I have another shot of Peter on my old site: Click Here.

Eddy Kennelly in his spotless Escort.

As I said earlier, the Twin Cams were entertaining today. Mike Neligan gets it sideways to the delight of the Marshals.

Jack O’Shea in his bright red Mini.

Junior entrant, Chris Butler was the subject of an attempt at a pan/zoom shot. I kinda like it – because it’s different!

Feel free to contact me if you are interested in prints.

Funny Love
Photography / April 21, 2010

Funny Love

Taken at the St. Patricks Day parade in Limerick yesterday – some clown blows Sí a kiss as he passes by in his car.