A tetraptych of shots taken at the OUTSTANDING soapbox race at the Pumpkin Festival in Virginia, Co. Cavan.

This particular entry was made out of two wheelie bins – making a fine Massey 165. Maximum attack is the only way to describe this drivers approach. He stayed off the brakes all the way down to the straight, getting big air off the jump. Unaware of the recent departure of one of his rear wheels on landing, the driver demonstrated incredible commitment – opting to look down the road as he poured on the opposite lock, deperately trying to wrestle his machine back in line. This guy was determined to make it home. Unfortunately it wasn’t to be, the wreck came to a standstill in front of us. After being helped from the Massey by the marshals, the driver walked down the course smiling for the cheering crowd, carrying his only souvenir of the event, the rogue rear wheel. Theres always next year.

Seriously, we were really impressed by the engineering, bodging, creativity, driving skills, commitment and general lunacy of all the teams involved. Well done to all.

We’ll be back again next year – with a racer of our own. I think we’ve found something new to do in the Motorsport off-season next year. 😉

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