Hi all, sorry, It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to get out with the camera and take a few photos. I realised I’ve been neglecting the blog last week, so I asked the good folk of twitterland to set me a challenge. The first suggestion came from Tommie Lehane (Eyeblinks) –  “The Street Where I Live”. This is a tricky one, I live on a small Avenue. I was more than a bit embarassed taking photos of the neighbours houses, so I decided to approach it from another angle. I can’t say it was a success, I took most of the shots in three five minute sessions, so the execution is terrible – and the processing is worse. I’m rusty, very rusty. But I’m here to learn, so tough!

The Street Where I Live….

…has tasty apples on the trees….

…has old stone cottages with red brick chimneys…

… leads into Adare Manor…

… has beautifully kept gardens…

…but you just don’t know what happens there at night.

Síofra for posing with the knife
Tommie for the suggestion

Shot 3. I’d really appreciate some advice on what to do with this one. The processing is a mess.
Shot 5. My flash is stuck on full power. I’ll get it right the next time!