Funderland is in Limerick this week. Kev and I decided to go along last night. I must say the second I got in the gate I got really uncomfortable trying to take photos in such a crowded place – I’m just not comfortable taking photos of people candid or otherwise. I’m happy to report that it didn’t take long to get over that problem – we were only there five minutes when two security guys were over asking what I was doing. After a short chat with the lads, they recommended a few of the rides that would be worth taking photos of. I was absolutely amazed by the amount of people that smiled, waved and posed for photos over the course of the night. I’ll be a little more comfortable the next time.

The Take Off ride looked like great fun.

I liked the paint job on the Safari Park truck – a Mack no less! Nevermind those ould Peterbuilts!

The clouds were amazing.

I got a few hilarious shots of terrified faces on some of the rides, but this one caught my eye – a load of feet pointing towards the sky.

The two girls below had a great laugh on the slingshot. Unlike everyone else that went before them, there was no swearing, just laughter.

Four out of five ain’t bad – one poor girl just didn’t really appreciate the “Take Off” ride.

A view up throughthe stalls towards the Ferris Wheel.

Closing time.

It was great to get out and about with the camera for a while – no pressure.