Sí and I went for a walk around Ballyvaughan yesterday. Normally when we are here, we are racing, so it was nice to take it easy and take a bit of time to look around. Here are a few shots from the day.

The now famous signs beside the aptly named “Tea Junction” cafe in Ballyvaughan.

I don’t normally take very many photos of flowers, but Summer has officialy kicked off here in Ireland and the place is just bursting with colour – they’re hard to avoid!

A group of Daisies – all slightly different. Some perfect, some trampled, some mutated…

I keep noticing this flower (below) – I’ve no idea what it is can anyone tell me? Or does anyone know any good sites for identifying flowers?

For Chris (the Aussie) – a rock field – with flowers in it!

More unidentified flowers in the shelter of rocks in the Burren.

A great view from the Bird Hide just outside Ballyvaughan

Travelling back towards Limerick, we passed the ruins of Carron Church. Below: a window behind the Alter (I think the Alter was at this end).

The wall of the church rolls away down the hill.

A rather boring shot of Poulnabron Dolmen.

Thanks to Sí for putting up with my constant stopping to take photos.