So, I’ve finally taken the time out to start a new project. You may remember that I did a 365 project back in 2009 where I took a photo a day for the year. I learned a lot, but haven’t really exerted myself (in photography) any further in the meantime. So this time, I’m going to take 50 shots at 50mm (using my EF 50mm 1.8 – a cheap and very cheerful prime lens). There is no theme, this is more of an exercise to get me out and about with the camera – to get me thinking again.

Anyway, this is the first shot in the series – our pup, Archie. I took this earlier this month shortly after I decided to commit to doing the 50@50 project. A decomissioned railway line runs by Adare which makes for a nice walk. Archie loved it and I’m proud to report that this is the first time he ever obeyed the ‘stay’ command. Clever pup!

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