When we got to Cairns, Dave and I spent ages looking for work (too long in fact). For a finish we found work, thanks to Dave, promoting and running pub crawls.

Basically, all we had to do was promote the pub crawls i.e. Talk to cute girls all day and try to convince them to come along. Then on Wednesday and Friday nights, we helped guide the customers from bar to bar while having a few drinks ourselves.

We got to know the managers and security guys of a few of the bars. We were sorted – Free entry to niteclubs, free food, free beer… it was hard living like a rock star (yes, I know I’m dressing it up a little)! Unfortunately we couldn’t save any money at this job, all it did was help cut down our spending and give us two free hangovers each week.

Cairns is a nice place but there is nothing there! It is a hub from which you do activities. From Carins we went to Crystal Cascades, Trinity Beach, Port Douglas (for ice cream) and Cape Tribulation.

I must say that overall I liked Cairns. We stayed in a nice hostel (Caravella 149), generally had a great laugh and met loads of great people (including some people from Airlie Beach – The boys from Jersey, So long and Thanks for the fish – Canadian Dave nutter with a beautiful bike, hope you got the knee down at last – Leanne, hope Bali is going well – Josie and Chloe, hope ye got home alright girls).

We also picked up two new traveling companions – Mike and Tony.