On the morning after Daves birthday, I found myself running across the city helping a friend with her bags to try and catch a bus to Airlie Beach (Hi Nadine, hope your trip is going well). Unfortunately she missed the bus, but on the other hand she was early for the next bus.

I was feeling rather stale (best description) as I left the bus station – one eye half open (the other still closed completely), tired, a little hung over, I had no voice and I was out of breath after the sprint across the city center. I decided, in all my wisdom, that it would be a good idea to get a bottle of Orange Juice and sit on the esplanade to watch the sun rise over the mountains.

All was going well for about an hour, I was sitting on a bench right at the edge of the wooden boardwalk over the edge of a large mud flat, when my phone rings. I was wearing a hoodie at the time, I leaned back to reach into the pocket, stretching out my right leg at the same time (to allow easy access to my phone).

I got my phone out, wondering who would call me at such a strange hour of the morning. I answered the phone – it was Denis Snr. (Katie, Anne and Mar – you know him as dad!). That’s when it happened… I went to put my right foot back on the esplanade, but I hit my heel off the edge of the boardwalk. This in itself is nothing worth giving thought to, however, the fact that my flip flop took flight during the collision meant that dad was greeted with a very stressed (and not so polite) “Ah F@#k it!” – Sorry about that by the way dad!!

There it was, gone. My flip flop came to rest (half buried) in the mud about six feet below me. I was faced with a problem – The tide was coming in, I couldn’t afford to buy a new pair of flip flops and there was no way down to the mud to retrieve it. I had to work fast!

So, with the other flip flop in one hand and my phone in the other, I made my way to the car. I got my fishing rod out, tied on a large hook (didn’t bother with bait or a float on this occasion) and made my way back to the scene of the accident.

After a few minutes, being the fishing expert I am, I had the flip flop back on dry land – just before the incoming tide claimed it!

See parents… I’m well able to look after myself!!!!