I’m leaving Carins tomorrow morning. We decided to make a slight change to our plan over breakfast this morning… we are still heading for Darwin, but now we are taking a shortcut via Ayers Rock! We figured that it is quicker to get there from the north than the south (i.e. it is just a day off our route across the north!). It should add another three days in total onto our trip to Darwin. Can’t wait to get going again!

Dave and I have two new passengers (we haven’t told them that they will have to do some driving yet)… Tony from London (Ilford to be precise) and Mike from Galway. We are getting ready to go, should be great craic!

I’ll be putting up a post on our time in Cairns soon… watch this space!


P.S. Family this means you won’t be able to contact me for upto eight or nine days… don’t panic!