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John C. Byrne in the Jedi

In Photos: Corkscrew Hillclimb 2011

I totally forgot I had these photos! I couldn’t drive at this event last year, so I decided to take along the camera with one goal for the day – do something different (photographically speaking). I have hundreds of relatively static-looking images from hills and rallys before, so I wanted to see if I could do justice to the sport (Hillclimbing) and it’s beautiful surroundings (UNESCO World Heritage Area, The Burren, Co. Clare) by playing with the camera and composition. Let me know what you think!






This is Ela, one of my two beautiful nieces. The girls live over in London, so I don’t get to see them very often. I was looking through some photos from earlier this Summer when I came across this – a very happy Ela who got covered in sand while playing on Garretstown beach near Ballinspittle, Co. Cork. I’ve posted a few photos of Azra before, but I think this is Ela’s first time featuring here.

Girls, I’m hope to see you both very soon (and your folks of course)! 🙂

Born to be Wild - Vespas in Sneem, Co. Kerry

Born to be wild!

I saw these three Vespas parked outside O’Shea’s pub in Sneem back in June. A pink pub & Vespas – my imagination, strange thing that it is, started running riot. I could just imagine, three bikers on a road trip, drinking beer, chasing women, scaring old ladies and generally causing trouble.

There was a Vespa convention on in Killarney that weekend and thousands of crazy Vespa-owners had ridden from all over Europe to be there – some even flew their Vespas over from further afield. A dedicated and funny bunch.



Fort Camden Photowalk

Last Sunday saw day two of the Cork Photowalk head to Fort Camden in Crosshaven, Co. Cork. I had been to Crosshaven several times before and passed by Fort Camden on the water. I knew there was an old fort there – but I thought it was a small one. It turns out that Fort Camden is vast, but it is well hidden – it was also very overgrown the last time I saw it.

The Fort, dating from 1550, has lay in a mostly derelict state for some time. In 2010, a local group of voulenteers called “Rescue Camden” (www.rescuecamden.ie) started work on the restoration and development of Fort Camden. And given that they only started work a year ago, their progress fantastic. They have cleared the grounds and have started restoring a number of buildings in the Fort.

Like Spike Island, Fort Camden left me wanting more  – I’ll definitely be back.

Cobh from Spike Island

Spike Island Photowalk

It’s been a while since my last post – life has been hectic with work and cars. Sí and I took part in a photowalk around the Cork Fortifications last weekend. The first day took in Spike Island (and some of Cork city, which I didn’t make it to). Spike Island is a strange place – when we arrived, it struck me as being very peaceful place. About five minutes later our guide told us about Viking raids, convict ships leaving for Van Diemen’s Land, the War of Independence and riots in the eighties… this place had a sad, often violent past. It really is an incredible place though, just to look around at the buildings – from the Fort itself to the various cell blocks, all had been built at different points in, what is now, History. While most of the buildings on the Island are derelict, there is plenty to see and definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Cobh with a few hours to spare.

About the photos:
I’ve tried to move away from my standard processing – I’m not sure what to make of the results. All opinions/advice welcome – just leave a comment below!

Thanks to Ryan & Photowalk.ie for organising the Photowalk!


Limerick Milk Market Canopy

The Milk Market

Another shot taken on the recent Limerick Photowalk. This is the canopy over The Milk Market in Limerick. It’s an impressive structure – it keeps the rain out, which makes browsing the stalls a lot more comfortable on those wet winter days. This shot is only a tribute to the “five million” other people who have taken the same photo! Search for “Limerick Milk Market” on Google or Flickr and you’ll see what I mean!