It’s been a while since my last post – life has been hectic with work and cars. Sí and I took part in a photowalk around the Cork Fortifications last weekend. The first day took in Spike Island (and some of Cork city, which I didn’t make it to). Spike Island is a strange place – when we arrived, it struck me as being very peaceful place. About five minutes later our guide told us about Viking raids, convict ships leaving for Van Diemen’s Land, the War of Independence and riots in the eighties… this place had a sad, often violent past. It really is an incredible place though, just to look around at the buildings – from the Fort itself to the various cell blocks, all had been built at different points in, what is now, History. While most of the buildings on the Island are derelict, there is plenty to see and definitely worth a visit if you find yourself in Cobh with a few hours to spare.

About the photos:
I’ve tried to move away from my standard processing – I’m not sure what to make of the results. All opinions/advice welcome – just leave a comment below!

Thanks to Ryan & for organising the Photowalk!