The remainder of the photos from Cars and Coffee in Limerick on Sunday March 4th 2012.

&copy Denis Hogan  (3)

Possibly my favourite shot from the day – only in Ireland could you have a Cortina and an FD RX7 parked beside each other.

&copy Denis Hogan  (8)


&copy Denis Hogan  (9)

I’m not really into modding cars myself – but I have to say this FD looked great.


&copy Denis Hogan  (5)

There were two nice 911s in attendence (and a Boxster too, I think).

&copy Denis Hogan  (1)

A big ole Pontiac.

&copy Denis Hogan  (2)

A Ferrari 308 in that unmistakable shade of Red.

&copy Denis Hogan  (6)

And from the same family – one of my fav’s on the day – a spottless Fiat 500.

&copy Denis Hogan  (7)

This BMW has clearly been around Limerick for a few years now!

&copy Denis Hogan  (10)

An Opel GT – lovely looking machine. Apparently it’s running all modern internals, so it’s nice and reliable now.

&copy Denis Hogan  (11)

Some of the crowd, milling around, taking in the sights.

&copy Denis Hogan  (12)


&copy Denis Hogan  (13)

This may well be the fastest truck in all of Ireland!

That’s it for the coverage of Cars and Coffee for March. I won’t be able to make the next meet up as it clashes with the first rounds of the Hillclimb and Sprint championship. But I’ll be back to cover more event’s later in the year.