…the Wedding bell that is! The wedding is all done and dusted – here are a few random thoughts on the whole thing.

The Background

So, Síofra and I finally got hitched on 10/2/11. We met each other one week after Munster won their first Heineken cup back in 2006 – May 27th to be precise. Paul and I went the Munster v Blues in Thomond Park – Munster won, there was a bit of a sing song afterwards and then we went into Limerick for a bite to eat and a pint (or two).

It was a really nice day – it was warm, Limerick was rocking after Munster’s success and I was off out for pints with the lads. I honestly thought life couldn’t get any better. And then I met Síofra. Life, somehow, got more interesting and a little crazier.

The Question

On 10/10/09, I asked Sí if she would marry me. Once she got over the initial shock, she said yes. We agreed that we weren’t going to make any plans before the following Febuary, but I’m pretty sure Sí only agreed to keep me quiet. Everything was booked by January 2010. After that it was all down to the details.

The Planning

Invitations, seating arrangements, suits, dresses, flowers, cakes and passports – it was all a bit crazy. Síofra did most of the organising – I was handed a few bits and pieces to look after here and there. I must say that we were very lucky, we had lots of friends who were able to help out. We availed of several services provided by our friends:- The Priest, Ushers, Flowers, Rice Crispy Buns, Cake, Photographers, Videographer, Band and DJ. There is no doubt that this took a lot of pressure off Sí and I in the run up to the wedding. In fact, once my passport was sorted, I started to enjoy the build up.

The Day

On the day itself, I wasn’t too sure what to expect. I woke up about half an hour before my alarm. Had a long bath and a cup of tea while listening to music on my phone (Mr. Blue Sky by ELO  was a super way to start the day).

At around ten, Paul (Best Man) and Eanna (Groomsman and now Brother in-law) arrived. Both were looking sharp in their suits. We went for a quick drive into Limerick to do a few small jobs. Conversation in the car was about Motorsport – nice to see that somethings never change. No nerves at this stage, I was just looking forward to seeing everyone.

After the trip into Limerick my parents cooked a big fry-up, “The last supper” my father jokingly called it. Actually, he thought this was hilarious. Then it was time for me to put on my suit. At 12.25, Paul and I hopped into the Orange Avenger, a loud historic rally car that most of us got our “tin-top” racing start in, and drove into Adare.

I was fine all morning until we were driving into Adare – when I saw a few friends outside the church, I started to get a bit shaky. Shaky is the onlly way I can describe it – I wasn’t nervous at all.

After a little bit of chatting with everyone and a little waiting around, Sí arrived and she looked beautiful – this calmed me no end. I was blown away so many people wanted to be there. I suppose they were on to something in Waynes World – “If you book them, they will come”.

The only hiccups that occurred was during the exchange of gifts. Ailbhe, Sí’s sister had Sí’s gift for me in her bag – which was at the back of the church. And I forgot to bring my gift for Sí, so I ended up giving her the keys to my dad’s Avenger (Sorry again Dad). Other than that, everything went great.

The Evening

The reception at the Dunraven Arms in Adare was great, the food was superb.  After the speeches it was time for lots of dancing to the Million Dollar Swingband and Ciaran, our DJ for the night. In my book any wedding with a little moshing, crowd surfing and air guitar is a good one.

It was tough going, but Sí managed to get around to talk to everyone as the night went on – although not for as long as we would have liked. We rolled into bed at 0600 the following morning.

The day after

After what felt like two minutes sleep, Sí was up and ordered breakfast – after that I don’t remember anything until dinner and the party that night in Sean’s (our local). Another late night and it was time to fall back into bed.

The day after that

I hadn’t washed any clothes or packed anything for the Honeymoon. So it was time to start washing and packing once we said goodbye to everyone. I vaguely remember drinking Champagne in the back of my car on the way to the airport. The lack of sleep was getting to me – it was time to sleep on the way to Thailand… but more on that later!!


A huge thank you to all of our family and friends who came along for the big day out! Both Sí and I were blown away that you all went to so much effort to come along. And another huge thank you to everyone that contributed to the wedding. If it wasn’t for you we wouldn’t have enjoyed the day half as much!