Mar 24.

As we got off the train at Circular Quay and walked out towards the ferry wharf, both Síofra and I were pretty much overwhelmed by the smells, sounds and the sight before us. Thousands of memories of old friends came rushing back in just a few seconds. On our left was the Harbour Bridge and on the right was the Opera House. Both of which looked much bigger than either of us remembered. We hadn’t known each other the last time we were here five years ago, but we both had the same reaction.

About the photo:
This shot was taken on the Manly Ferry. I like it because it captures the moment well. We had been traveling for 37 and a half hours at this stage, we were too tired to talk, but we were very happy to sit there and take it all in again. After months of saving, planning and waiting, we had arrived. I’m not sure how obvious it is, but that’s the Harbour Bridge in the background and you can see the Sun** over the silhouette of the Opera House in Síofra’s shades.

**For the Irish folks: The Sun is that glorious light that shines in the sky about once a month.