Leaving Cairns!

I’m leaving Carins tomorrow morning. We decided to make a slight change to our plan over breakfast this morning… we are still heading for Darwin, but now we are taking a shortcut via Ayers Rock! We figured that it is quicker to get there from the north than the south (i.e. it is just a day off our route across the north!). It should add another three days in total onto our trip to Darwin. Can’t wait to get going again!

Dave and I have two new passengers (we haven’t told them that they will have to do some driving yet)… Tony from London (Ilford to be precise) and Mike from Galway. We are getting ready to go, should be great craic!

I’ll be putting up a post on our time in Cairns soon… watch this space!


P.S. Family this means you won’t be able to contact me for upto eight or nine days… don’t panic!


  1. Have a look at the road from Boulia to Alice Springs via Tobermorey…its dirt and its a great stretch …The ‘Plenty Highway’

  2. hey denis,
    never knew about your web site, just heard about it from Barry. you sound like you are having a ball, fair play to you. continue having the craic.

  3. Hi Den. Heard from Mom that you have been to Ayers Rock. What did you think of it? Pretty amazing atmosphere eh? Here all’s well. Had a brilliant time at the Limerick Hillclimb – I am completely and totally hooked! Kate’s civic lasted to the very end despite being driven into the ground by two of us! It stopped as Kate was coming down from the last run, but Dad doesn’t seem to think it’s anything too serious. Hopefully she’ll be able to get it ready for the Donegal Hill at the beginning of September. Guess what….. Hal and I finally found a house! We should be getting the keys on Monday (9th August) so I’ll email you some photos when we get in. There’s loads of work to be done on it but it’s exactly what we were looking for. We’ve got to move in by the end of September because our contract is up on the flat, so we’re going to be pretty busy over the next couple of months, but really looking forward to getting stuck in. Well Den, that’s it for now. Can’t wait to hear about Darwin – I never got that far, so really looking forward to hearing what it’s like. Keep having fun! Love ya loads, Mar xxxxxx

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