The Count Down has begun!

I’m leaving the beach resort (and Manly for that matter) tomorrow! The resort is closing down, so it’s a good time to leave. I’m starting the first leg of, what could only be described as, the mother of all road trips. I’ve been in Manly so long at this stage, it’s hard to imagine what it is going to be like to be on the road again.

I’m leaving tomorrow morning at 0700 (a.m.) , Niall and Dave are coming along for the drive! Niall will stay with us for two weeks and Dave, much like myself, will just keep going for as long as he can.

We haven’t really decided where we are going to stop yet. I’m going to try to get a map with our progress up here soon – but in the meantime here is a short description of the first leg of the intended trip:
Out of Sydney, up Highway 1 to Byron Bay, on upto Surfers Paradise, Brisbane, Noosa Heads, Bundaberg (must see what this Rum gig is about), Yepoon, Airlie Beach, Cairns.
I’m not working off a map here, so I’m sure I’ve mixed up the order of a few places.

Anyway, I should go pack – I’ve gathered so much stuff its not funny!



  1. Sounds great Den! If you get to Airlie Beach can you pop in and say hello to Kenny & Greg in Bush Village? That’s where I worked driving the minibus and where I met Hal. Make sure you go out on a sailing trip around the whitsunday’s – make it a 3 day if you can afford it – trip of a lifetime! Have fun, lol Mar xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Great to hear you made it as far as Byron on Day 1, at this rate you’ll be around Australia in a flash! Have fun!
    P.S. I found the onion on the ceiling!

  3. Thanks for the posts!
    Anne, Joking about the onion (I hope the soup was worth it)!

    Mar, I’ll call into them, may even stay there. Do you still think they will be there?

  4. The site is brilliant Den. Amazed you’ve got to Byron Bay already. Have a great trip. Good news from Katie in France – she’s got her command and is now officially Captain Katie. Tons of love – talk to you soon, Mom XXX

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