Well, the Manly Beach Resort closed yesterday! I must say I really enjoyed my time there – had many laughs and met loads of great people!

Anyway, Dave and myself finally left Manly yesterday – can’t believe we actually left (I wasn’t sure there was anything outside Manly). We left the resort at 7 a.m. and made it up to Anne’s house for a cup of tea. After the tea, we headed straight for Highway 1 (a.k.a. the Pacific Highway). The Pajero ran well, even though I was still a little nervous of whether it would be up for the job.

I drove for the first two hundred Kms or so, then Dave took over and I took some photos of stuff n’ things (I’m still working on a way to put a gallery here – give me time). We stopped a few times to stretch the legs and empty the bladders. We stopped in Coffs Harbour to get a bite to eat, then I took over at the wheel again.
For a finish, we managed to make it the whole way up to Byron Bay by 7:30 (just under twelve hours, not bad) – a total of about 799Kms.

We checked into Aquarius Backpackers in Byron – $25 a night – Really Expensive. Chatted with the guys in the dorm for a while and then collapsed into bed!

Today, we made a quick trip to the local Wollies (Wollworths) to do a shop up – then we spent the day on the beach! It is so much warmer here – not alone can you go to the beach with out freezing, you can swim and lay out in the sun… Amazing it is so much warmer up here!

Thanks for the comments, keep them coming!

The Trip from Sydney to Byron Bay in Numbers:
799 – The Number of Kilometers we traveled.
4 – The number of Dead Kangaroos we saw.
1 – Giant Eyre’s rock model thing (Middle of nowhere).
1 – Big Banana (Coff’s Harbour).
1 – Big Prawn (Grafton).
1 – Cup of Tea, that I drank.