A few weeks ago, I went back to hostel in Manly to meet up with a few friends. I walking through the yard towards the common room, when I noticed a guy standing by a tree in the yard. I thought that he looked very familiar. Then it hit me, he looked really like a guy I used to go to school with. It looked like him, because it was him! I hadn’t seen Brian in about six years at this stage. Needless to say, I was a bit shocked! You travel eleven thousand miles from home, only to run into someone who lives a few miles down the road – what are the chances?

About two weeks ago, Dave (one of Brian’s friends) was giving me a lift out to Punchbowl (west-ish of Sydney) to pick up my new car from the dealer. Dave kindly gave me a lift to the Bank to get some cash to pay for the car. I was pretty annoyed to find that I had exceeded my “Daily Credit Limit” on both of my ATM cards. This left me $1000 short on the price of the car. Feeling rather fed-up with the whole thing, we were stopped at traffic lights when someone ran through the traffic, put their arm in the drivers window of the car and opened the door and got into the back! But it was only Brian (bet, you thought we were being car-jacked or something)!The lights turned green, I told Brian the whole story. Being as kind as he is, he puts his hand in his pocket and pulls out a few notes and said “Here, do you want a loan?” Again, let me say what are the chances? We were driving along, Brian sees us, hops into the car and happens to have $1000 on him at the time! Bloody hell!

Oh, I picked up the car and everything went fine!

Thanks Brian (for saving the day cash-wise), Dave (for taking us out to Punchbowl) and Niall (for the loan of the Falcon to get us there)!