Another from the challenge set by ivansantry – “A car at night”.

A HUGE thank you to Kevin – he answered at least one hundred questions from me while he explained the positioning and power of all four strobes used in this shot.

The car is a BMW E36 M3 as run in the National Hillclimb and Sprint Championship. The post title “354” is a reference to the class that I race in and the position I finished in last year. The 35 stands for Class 3B (unlimited saloons – anything goes power-wise) and the 4 is where I finished in the class in 2009. As it happens, after managing only five rounds of the championship this year, I finished in the same position, so I will be in Car 354 for 2011 again. Fingers crossed I’ll get out for a full season next year and finish a little further up the field.