Noel Conroy and Michael Ward in a MKII Escort (1800 RS). I liked this because of the calm, relaxed look on Michael’s face – despite the fact that he was in the middle of a stage.

1/100 sec, ƒ 9, ISO 125, 46.0 mm, AF – AI Servo
Normally (the only other time I’ve shot Motorsport in manual mode), I’d stick with 1/80 sec – but we were on a straight here and the cars were moving a little too fast to pan comfortably at 1/80 sec. I’d normally focus manually on a spot just in front of me too – but I found that because I was standing on a straight, I was getting upto four shots of each car at varying distances (from the camera), three of which would be out of focus. So I set the Auto Focus to AI Servo and it did a great job!

B&W conversion, Partial Vignette, Cropped, Debris removed.

Next Time:
I’d love to introduce a strobe in a forestry stages rally – on a medium to low speed corner.