Dec 18.

It’s great to kick off the boots after a busy day at work. Before anyone comments – that’s not a visual representation of the smell…. it’s smoke because I’ve been working so hard!!! 🙂

I love these boots. I’ve had them since I was seventeen (thirteen years now). Originally I’d only wear them when I knew they wouldn’t get wrecked. But over the years as more and more marks appeared, I started using them in the garage and at races. They’ve been covered in motor oil, brake fluid, ATF, Grease and dirt so many times that they are now fully waterproof to the ankle (verified). They’re still comfortable and warm. Now that’s value.

Timberland – we salute you.

I put insence into each of the boots  – propped up on a folded tissue (which is highly flamable by the way). One flash to camera left (full power as far as I could tell – need to download the manual and give it a read). Simple as that!

Thanks so much to Kevin for the loan of the flash and trigger. As usual, it’s his fault for making me want to buy more equipment. Before I attempted to take this photo, I wanted to get a flash…. now I NEED to.