Nov 29.

Dug out the old guitars last night. I’ve forgotten absolutely everything I used to know – except for the intros to “Under the Bridge” by the Chilli’s and “Creep” by Radiohead. One thing I haven’t been able to forget is my complete lack of Rythm – I was hoping this would improve with age.

The Strat (Cream),  came all the way from the States back when I was seventeen. Beautiful guitar – it has a nice thin neck, so it’s really easy to wrap your fingers around it.

The Tele (Left), is actually a replica I built for my leaving cert Construction Studies project back in 1998. The body is so thick, you have to sit down while playing it. As a result notes just ring out forever when you pluck the strings. There isn’t a strap strong enough or a human back tough enough to play it while standing up!