Sep 15.

I’m just going to come clean and admit that this is the single most photoshopped photo I’ve ever put up here. I don’t think it’s much better as a result. Basically this is a combination of three photos. Two bracketed shots – one for the church and one for it’s reflection. The final shot is the sky. The morning this was taken, the sky was uniformly grey and dull. So I took the sky from a photo I took in Curraghchase a few weeks back. In my defense, the sky (and it’s reflection) do help the photo a little. I’m not sure that it was worth my while doing any work on the reflection of the church though. I suppose it is something I would have let Photomatix (HDR) take care of previously but I’m starting to hate HDR. Your comments and Critique are most welcome!

The church is real and is located in Killaloe.