From Roslyn Bay, we made the hop to Airlie Beach, we went sailing aroung the Whit Sundays on the “New Horizon” (check out this for a picture of the boat ) – well, we motored around the Whit Sundays. There wasn’t a puff of wind! I never knew such a large body of water could move so little – it was dead flat, like a mirror… as you can see, I’m still having trouble getting over just how flat the water was.

The trip was well organised, with lots of activities (snorkeling and diving) and good food. Unfortunately I was not allowed to do the introductory dive because of my damn asthma. We got to see some whales way off in the distance, we also saw a mother and baby Dolphin swimming side by side.

On the final day there was a good breeze and we got about an hour and a half of sailing in on the way back to Airlie. I really enjoyed the trip, everything went smoothly and there was a great crowd on board. I must say that I was more keen on going out on either a Maxi or Americas Cup yacht, but again due to budget limitations we went twith the cheaper alternative. In this case it definitely worked out for the best. I imagine I wouldv’e been very disappointed if I had paid the extra few hundred dollars only to find that we had to motor everywhere due to a lack of wind!

Mar, didn’t get a chance to call into the Bush Village, sorry!