I must say that it was good to be back in Noosa. I had a lot of fun in Noosa before Christmas – and I’m glad to say that it was still great fun this time round!

By day, Dave and I went to the beach. Poor Dave can’t handle this whole lying in the sun lark. So yesterday, he decided to build a sand castle, which over the course of a few hours turned into a Formula 1 car (About one and a half times the size of a real F1 car). After I took a few photos, a few local kids took a massive three minutes to destroy Dave’s creation. Dave informed me that his next creation is going to be a scale sand model of the Eiffel tower.

Another Highlight of Noosa was an interesting game of twister by the bar on the hostel veranda. It was so funny. Normally a maximum of four people can play twister at once… imagine what happens when you let about eight half-cut backpackers play at once! Carnage is the first word that comes to mind. I can only guess how many twister-related injuries are treated in hospitals around the world each year. Well done to Dave, who actually managed to win a game (runner-up Suzanne).

Met loads of great people this time around too:
Aussies Danny & Jeff, Kikyomo, Suzanne, Tracey, Jen, Constantine & Kim.

Great spot, I’d recommend it to everyone (except for the twister that is)!