Born to be wild!

I saw these three Vespas parked outside O’Shea’s pub in Sneem back in June. A pink pub & Vespas – my imagination, strange thing that it is, started running riot. I could just imagine, three bikers on a road trip, drinking beer, chasing women, scaring old ladies and generally causing trouble.

There was a Vespa convention on in Killarney that weekend and thousands of crazy Vespa-owners had ridden from all over Europe to be there – some even flew their Vespas over from further afield. A dedicated and funny bunch.



  1. This photo brings a smile of amusement to my face. I share your thoughts and liken it to what might be a variation of the “Wild Hogs” movie. It also brings back memories of a friend who rode a Vespa during my high school days. I have to admit that now he seems to have simply been ahead of his time.
    Thanks for sharing this bit of quirkiness. Great stuff!

    1. Thanks for the comment Phil. There must’ve been hundreds of Vespa’s around Co. Kerry that weekend. It was so funny to see them all ride out in groups of fives and tens. If Wild Hogs had been set in Ireland, that’s what it would have looked like!! These things are worth a fortune these days – so if your friend still has his Vespa, tell him to take good care of it!

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