Noosa Repeated

I must say that it was good to be back in Noosa. I had a lot of fun in Noosa before Christmas – and I’m glad to say that it was still great fun this time round!

By day, Dave and I went to the beach. Poor Dave can’t handle this whole lying in the sun lark. So yesterday, he decided to build a sand castle, which over the course of a few hours turned into a Formula 1 car (About one and a half times the size of a real F1 car). After I took a few photos, a few local kids took a massive three minutes to destroy Dave’s creation. Dave informed me that his next creation is going to be a scale sand model of the Eiffel tower.

Another Highlight of Noosa was an interesting game of twister by the bar on the hostel veranda. It was so funny. Normally a maximum of four people can play twister at once… imagine what happens when you let about eight half-cut backpackers play at once! Carnage is the first word that comes to mind. I can only guess how many twister-related injuries are treated in hospitals around the world each year. Well done to Dave, who actually managed to win a game (runner-up Suzanne).

Met loads of great people this time around too:
Aussies Danny & Jeff, Kikyomo, Suzanne, Tracey, Jen, Constantine & Kim.

Great spot, I’d recommend it to everyone (except for the twister that is)!

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  1. Hi Den

    Delighted to hear you enjoyed Noosa – I loved it too. I thought the Halse lodge was a wicked hostel. What did you decided to do regarding Great Keppal Island? It was one of the nicest places I have ever been to…. beautiful beaches, great hostel, camels walking along the waterfront at sunset and an old man in Shell Cottage that makes his own scones and jam and serves them to anyone willing to pay $5 per person with homemade jam, cream and tea in china crockery. There’s nothing there tourism wise and it’s a jewel on the backpacker trail that not many people visit. For me, it beat Fraser Island hands down! Met some really great people there, which always makes a difference, and I think Sian and I stayed there for about a week in the end. Obviously, when you asked if I would go there if I had only one day and I knew it would rain, I had to say no…………. but how the hell do you know it’s going to rain?????
    I presume you are making your way towards Airlie Beach now. Just checked on the net and it looks like Bush Village is still owned by Kenny – check It’s a quiet hostel, with individual cabins, so if you are looking for a party hostel, it’s not the one for you. I loved it though and stayed there for nearly two months if I remember rightly. Are you going to go on a sailing trip to the Whitsunday’s from there? Den….. don’t go all that way and then give it a miss. It’s magical! I recommend a three day trip on one of the racing yachts. Leave it until you get there and Kenny will advise you on the best one to go on. If you have to…… put in on a credit card and pay it off when you are back at work in the new year…. (sorry Dad!)……… you may never get the chance again! If you do go there give Kenny loads of love for me. Keep having fun Bro and keep updating the site – it’s fantastic to hear all about your travels!

    Love you zillions


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