I had the privilege of driving at the 2016 Saint Gouéno Hillclimb Masters. Owing to a few difficulties with the build at the time, I didn’t get an opportunity to test the car with the new setup before hopping on the ferry to France… so I was more than a little nervous in the run up to the event. Afterall, it was a very long trip to make only to find a problem with the car.

As you can see in the video above, all went well! Far better than I had expected to be honest. After a great battle with Peter McKinley in the ledgendary “White Escort” (search YouTube for “The White Escort”) and Steve Fursland in his S12 WRC Impreza – I was just pipped by Steve on the final run on Sunday and finished second saloon and tenth overall.

On a sunny March morning in the West of Ireland, I find myself dreaming of having another run up the hill at Saint Gouéno. Thank you (again) to all who helped me in the run up to and throughout the event. But above all else, huge thanks to Monsieur Henry, Monsieur Lloyd & Mademoiselle Lessard for running a world class event and being wonderful hosts. We have another challenge in 2017 (in the forms of a new arrival), so I can’t attend in 2017, but I hope to be back in 2018.