May 11.

Kevin was going to beautiful Inch Beach in Co. Kerry today and was kind enough to let me tag along (Thanks Kev!). Great evening for taking a few photos. Unfortunately I discovered exactly how dirty the sensor in my camera is and this is the only shot of use – a rock pool at one end of the beach. When I say rock pool, I actually mean puddle. I thought the colours were nice and I liked the textures and details in the rocks. On the down side, it’s nearly impossible to tell what the image is unless you’ve been told – it may have to be filed under “A” for Abstract.

On a side note, I’ve been finding it very difficult to take the general recession related misery that seems to be getting everyone down these days – especially since coming home from Australia. I don’t listen to the news any more – ignorance is bliss. For anyone that is bored, broke, depressed, furious with government/bankers…. just go to the beach the next fine day, relax (there’s not a lot you can do about the situation anyway) and ignore it all. It won’t cost a penny.