Apr 29.

Today, I attempted to take a photo of myself for the “About” page. My first time attempting a self portrait. To be honest, it was brutal. I tried smiling, laughing, frowning, looking out the window (thoughtfully), screaming, wearing a helmet (don’t ask)… they were all awful. This is the best of a bad lot – the very last shot I took and I was getting annoyed with the whole idea at the time (I think you could figure this out from my expression). I didn’t get anything worth keeping for all my effort, so you’re stuck with a photo of a very fed up me!

I discovered a number of things today:
– My head is the shape of a bean, regardless of the position of the camera.
– I still hate having my photo taken – even when I’m the one taking the photo.

I just feel sorry for Síofra – she’s stuck with me all the time! 😉