Little else to do

There was a “Zoo” just down the road from our hotel – full of Tigers, Leopards and other amazing animals. I hate seeing such a beautiful animal locked up in such a small pen. This particular Tiger (which was huge by the way) just kept scratching his nose and chin on the fence of his enclosure. I suppose there was little else for him to do.


  1. Denis, this is a poignant photo that is made all the more involving because of your description of the scene. I understand the function and purpose of “zoos”, but, honestly, it makes my heart hurt when I think of the boredom that so many magnificent animals have to endure in them–even if there is good treatment otherwise. If I were one of these creatures, I’d gladly trade the “perks” of zoo life, for a shorter life with freedom. I like your work and honest photography. Thanks!

  2. Thanks for the comments.

    @Phil: Thanks for reminding me – I should mention that all of the animals looked to be in great condition and well fed. But it is sad to see them locked up.

    @Aafke: Yeah, I’d believe it, Thailand is a crazy place. You are likely to see anything anywhere anytime. It is a fantastic country – I loved it.

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