1. Excellent shot, all I might have considered would be the cloning out of the loose seaweed against the left frame, which would reinforce the diagonal lines. Not a biggie though.

  2. I like the processing on this a lot. I also like the composition with the expanse of foreground. I would tend to agree with Stephen’s suggestion too. For me, the ropey seaweed and it’s shadow are the primary focus of the shot so I would clean up the extra bits. It might be worth considering having a look at a crop up from the bottom left corner up to the bottom of the seaweed/shadow. It’s a lovely conversion to black and white and the sky is fantastic!

  3. Thanks for the comments guys – it’s great to get a bit of feedback. I did try cloning out the weed on the left, but I lost the detail/texture in the sand. I’m going to have another crack at this one.


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