1. It’s always difficult to keep detail in the sky. You could do it the old fashioned way with a graduated neutral density filter or you could take two exposures (one for foreground, one for sky) and blend them together afterwards – either manually using layers or as a hdr. It seems slightly tilted to me too, maybe a slight closckwise rotation to get the horizon straight? I like the reflected colour in the lake though – it shows that the sky had some nice colour before it blew out. It’s a pity that the camera doesn’t capture what the eye sees!

    1. I did bracket this shot – but there was a lot of movement in the shot itself, so HDR was out. Might have another shot at it combining two or more manually…. ashamed to say I never thought of it. 🙁

      We were talking about filters last night again. I’m definitely buying a CP, ND and GND filters. I’ve wanted/needed them on several occasions now. Need to get some advice though, so there’s an email coming your way again!!! 😉

      Thanks for the advice!

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