Gone Farming

Hello everybody (again),
We managed to get a job on a farm picking fruit – the place is about 210 Kms south of Broome. So if all goes well, none of you will hear from me for another four weeks!! Please leave comments and what not – keep me upto date on what is happening!

All the best,


  1. Hey Den. Glad to see your having a ball down under. Hope the farming goes well!! Always knew you could get your hands dirty at times!!! 🙂

    Talk to you


  2. hi Den……… what fruit are you picking? Here all well, working like mad on the house – we move in three weeks time – (help!). By the way, don’t forget you can always stop over in London for a night (or more!) on the way home. We’d love to see you! Sometimes the flights from Oz get in here late evening and the next flight to Ireland isn’t till the next morning. I know you’ve probably got everything sorted already, but keep it in mind. Chat soon bro, love ya lots, Mar xxxx

  3. Hi Den – Time for another update – dying to hear more, so get typing on the water-cooled keyboard. Got books and posters today, they’re fantastic – can’t wait to get home to play with the computer. Thanks a million, Mom xxx

  4. Hey Denis! Seems you’re having a great time. I’ve just been reading the whole lot you’ve written. Unlike your dad, did you actually get to see any LIVE Kangaroos 😉 When you get back, we must do the Old Road to Killarney… Enjoy!

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