Broome is a really nice place, strangely it feels a little more Asian than Australian – I like it. One thing I don’t like about it though – the noise. I’ve never heard so many fights and arguments in my life. It sounds like everybody here is shouting (maybe it is just the area I’m staying in)!!

Yesterday we did a few jobs on the car, then we headed to the beautiful Cable Beach for an afternoon of surfing! I showed Mike how to body board (Mark, the board is still going strong) – more like he laughed at my attempts at body boarding. Dave & I rented out an 8 foot board each – it was so much fun. The boards are so damn big, it was like standing on the deck of an aircraft carrier.

I got up early this morning and went job hunting – no joy yet.

Click here to see:

Me doing a Tony pose

A Seagull looking thoughtful


  1. Well Den, it seems you have having the time of yourlife. Fair play boss, someone had to enjoy the good life. Reading your post reminded me of the dat we skipped college, (i mean the day they sent us home because we had no classes!!) and headed for lahinch. do you remember the body boards? all i remember is seeing corny going faster that anyone on his bare chest and ending up on the rocks. then his board was 20 yards behind him. good day that. up d walls at the minute so i pot a longer message the next time. stay cool buddy

      Thanks Chris – I remember the day all of our lectures were cancelled and we went to Lahinch – That was Paul’s idea, wasn’t it!!! I remember Corny not using a board and passing us all out anyway!!!!

  2. Good to see you are still alive and well….and on schedule! despite the Paj..the beauty of them is there are plenty of spares about for you have found head out to the mines at Tom Price and a bit inland to other spots which you can enquire about as you travel around and you may pick up a real job with serious money …Remember the Rally Aus in Perth 11-14 November..dont miss it !!

  3. Well, you seem to be having an exciting time over there. When you get back you can prep your own comp car as well as your sisters and mine! It’s the only way to learn. As I said about the shocks you really need a matched pair per axle but an odd pair will do in an emergency and the shed can then handle very unpredictably.
    The journal is great but for your ‘amazing count’ which is even higher than Bono’s. I think you could sell it.


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