In an attempt to stay focussed and to help me know when to say “No” (politely, of course), I will be keeping this list of current priorities up-to-date.  The list is *not* in order of importance – though family will always come first. Some are short term goals, others are long term goals, some are perpetual.


  1. Spending time with my family – welcoming a new member all going well.
  2. Concentrating on three work related goals, to make this year my greatest (work year) to date.
  3. Competing in the Irish Hillclimb and Sprint Championship.
  4. Planning a journey.
  5. Reading more.
  6. Learning more.
  7. Rebuilding my (push) bike.
  8. Spending more time in the garage.
  9. Making a greater effort to stay in touch with friends.

This page was inspired by Derek Sivers’ /now page.